Why should you protect your carpet?

Most carpet is made of synthetic fibers such as: nylon, olefin, polyester, or acrylic. These synthetic fibers rarely wear out instead when not properly cared for; the fibers are crushed down, and become matted. This creates a sandwich effect by allowing soil particles to become trapped between carpet fibers. I’m sure you can see that this is the beginning of something not too good!

You see, your carpets are made up of thousands upon thousands of very small thread-like fibers that are twisted together. These fibers are basically translucent pieces of plastic. That means that light can pass through them, like a colored piece of Plexiglass. You know how Plexiglass looks after it gets scratched, dull and dirty … Well, improperly cared for carpet will eventually look the same way! When left in the carpet and walked on, gritty soil scratches the carpet by rubbing against the fibers.

After a period of time the damage done by the scratching – is irreversible! Your carpet becomes what we call in the carpet cleaning industry … “traffic lane gray”. This is where the fibers are clean, but since they are so scratched up that they do not reflect the light back to the eyes and now take on a dull appearance which is commonly mistaken for soiled carpets. This usually happens first in the heavily walked on areas or traffic lanes. APT Carpet Cleaners believes in protecting your carpet.