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Do You, Or Your Spouse, Suffer From Allergies?

Suffer from allergies? APT can help with those too!

Despite all the benefits that carpet provides, many people have begun to question the impact of carpet on allergies. The role of indoor air quality has become an important environmental issue to many people. Studies were performed to develop an understanding of the type of allergens contained in older carpet and how to reduce the effects of these allergens. In each case study, some surprising results were discovered. The study helped to classify the types of allergen contained in existing carpet and the most effective methods for the removal of these allergens.

Many consumers purchase carpet with the impression that carpet cleaning should only take place when the carpet appears soiled. Today’s carpet fibers have been engineered to withstand soiling and stains to a higher degree than ever before. Carpet should be cleaned before it begins to exhibit signs of soiling. Failure to regularly clean carpet could allow soil and allergens to build-up within the pile. However, one positive attribute of carpet is that these allergens are trapped within the carpet pile rather than released into the breathing zone. As noted in a “Design Review on Carpets” published in Architectural Review “…the fact that carpet may collect more lint and dust than a hard surface floor covering may be considered an advantage, as it is better to have dirt and bacteria-carrying particles held down in the carpet until it is vacuumed, than to have it stirred up and airborne by continual shuffling of shoes–as is the case with smooth surfaces.” This allergen is only released into the breathing zone when the carpet pile has become filled with allergen.

The studies verified that each time carpet is “extraction cleaned”; most of the allergen contained in carpet is removed. The key to preventing allergen release into the breathing zone, and maintaining low allergen levels, is to regularly clean carpet. Carpet should be cleaned a minimum of every twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months in normal situations. Cleaning carpet more often can reduce the number of allergens in the home and prolong the life of the carpet.

What Can We Do?

APT Carpet Cleaners Allergy Relief package includes specially designed products that are free of solvents and perfumes. We also use a patented product that essentially deactivates several allergens that trigger the body’s allergic response.

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