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Our Carpet Care Tips

APT cares about your carpet; here are some useful carpet care tips.

APT Carpet  Cleaners believe in educating our customers on the best method to care for their carpet. Below are some tips to help you keep your carpets looking great for years to come.

Vacuum Frequently

As carpet ages the brilliance and natural textures are diminished. A huge contributor to this visible downgrade is dirt left in the carpet for extended periods of time. Vacuuming frequently will help to remove the dirt before it has time to settle and wear on the carpet.

Walk-off Mats

Having walk-off mats at all entrances will help to reduce the amount of dirt that gets to your carpet. The less dirt that reaches your carpet, the better your carpet will look.

Occasionally Move Furniture

It is a good idea to move your furniture around periodically and clean the carpet thoroughly. Dirt can gather under furniture and help to wear down your carpet.

Cleaning Spills

Carefully and gently blot or scrape the area before using any sort of cleaning agent. This allows you to remove as much of the stain as possible before using a cleaning agent. Then test the cleaning agent on a small, unseen area of the carpet. After testing, apply cleaner to the stained area and work from the outside of the stain in. This helps to avoid any spreading of the stain. It is best to use a white towel when removing stains. Remember to blot up as much of the moisture as possible once the stain is removed.

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